Media Monitor is transforming into SEE’s leading one-stop shop for clipping and media monitoring services


Q: What do you expect at this year’s edition of FIBEP?

A chance to reconnect with the community of current industry leaders, and to meet the newcomers. Also, to party, there’s a reason people refer to FIBEP as a “family reunion.”

Q: What differentiates Media Monitor from other clipping and media monitoring companies?

We are the clipping and media monitoring agency with the highest growth rate in Bulgaria and currently are expanding our operations to include the Southeast Europe (SEE) region as well. There are a number of reasons for this tremendous market growth:

First, the services, offered by Media Monitor, are geared towards adding value to our clients. We offer top coverage of a myriad of sources – print, online and social media – and are proud to have the largest available source list for our customers.

Second, we are part of the A Data Pro group. A Data Pro is a global company with a team of 350+ data analysts, who speak 40+ languages and boast extensive region and industry-specific knowledge of 80+ countries. Our experts know, for example, which media are important in Albania or Serbia, who the top influencers are and how to index information to guarantee top-notch service quality. They can also analyze and extract actionable insights from the information.

The access to this niche know-how, experience and proprietary technologies transforms Media Monitor into SEE’s leading one-stop shop for tailor-made media monitoring services. There is no other company in Southeast and Central Europe that can offer such product in over 40 languages.

And, last but not least, the technology hub Identrics has recently joined A Data Pro, which gives us immediate access to cutting-edge technologies such as automated named entity recognition, automated sentiment analysis and automated categorization.

Q: Which segments do you cover?

Most of our clients in the media monitoring field are local SMEs that so far have used the established local providers.

The second segment are PR agencies. They are our main “wholesale” client and there are a number of companies in the segment for whom we work under white-label servicing agreements.

Of course, we also hope to become the main service provider in the region for other FIBEP members. There are a number of companies who have already decided to choose Media Monitor as their preferred provider of clips or ready-made newsletters from Eastern Europe and beyond.

Generally, foreign investors see the Balkans as a single area and hopefully Media Monitor will gradually become their top choice for media and business intelligence in the region.

Q: What’s in the pipeline for Media Monitor? Can you share any secrets with us?

Based on client feedback, we now know that our current media monitoring and clipping platform is due for an upgrade. That is why in the coming months a newer, better and more user-friendly platform will replace the current one. It will feature a better search tool for our archive and will introduce a user-end influencer analytics and influencer list generation functionality among other features.

Q: What are your growth plans for Media Monitor for the next 2 years?

We’ll invest heavily in technology and innovation. The goal is to automate low profile data and text processing tasks. We expect an increased interest in end-product type analysis.

Media monitoring can be used in a variety of ways, not just for marketing and PR. It can also be used for employer branding and employee management, as it goes beyond traditional media into the realms of the social media whose main influencers are Twitter users, bloggers and others.

Furthermore media monitoring is increasingly being used for Risk & Compliance services. With new regulations US and EU banks are now obligated to perform background checks of its service providers and clients to make sure they are not affiliated with any terrorist organizations or fraudulent activities. Our teams prepare due diligence reports, analysing not only registers and court rulings, but also media sources to figure out if something “stinks.”

We expect to provide more media monitoring services to Risk & Compliance analysts as well as more thorough and complex types of business intelligence and research. Our main goal being to widen our services far beyond the “what do they think of me” model.

Q: How do you think the media monitoring industry will change in the next 5 years?

Well, we expect an increased technological adoption and development, as well as an increased focus on risk management. Another trend is the ever-growing weight of interconnected social and traditional media monitoring with business intelligence. Finally, the industry is still looking for a more adequate model for measuring PR effectiveness or influencers’ impact. A lot of people in the industry, us included, are taking steps towards developing such models.